Singapore’s Independence.

(Headline of The Straits Times, 10 August 1965)


Internal and external security

(NS men being examined to be enrolled)

Problem: Singapore was not well secured. Singapore faced threats directly and indirectly. They are threats such as Indonesia bombing Singapore due to Konfrantasi and communist war happening in Vietnam.

Solution: As a result, Singapore decided to build defence industry and introduce NS [national service] to build our nation’s defence. Singapore also had military cooperation with other countries. As our defence was increasing, Singapore had to set up its own chartered industry to supply weapons and ammunitions.

Economic survival

Problem: Singapore was a small country with no natural resources. Malaysia also imposed more tax on Singapore. Trade also slowed down due to the policies in other countries which restricted foreign-produced goods. On top of that, Singapore also faced severe unemployment.

Solution: Singapore developed manufacturing industries to solve the problem which come under economic survival. Manufacturing industries reduces Singapore’s dependency on trading with other countries and also increases employment in Singapore.

(The State Crest which was introduced in 1959)

Citizenship and sense of Belonging

Problem: people of Singapore at that time did not have common identity and sense of belonging. They also did not feel welcomed or a part of Singapore.

Solution: Singapore introduced national symbols to solve the problems created by citizenship and people not having sense of belonging. Example of the symbols are, national flag & state crest. This broke the bridge between different ethnic groups.

(Local people going to polling stations)

Peoples Reaction  

Local people: local people felt sad. They were not aware of the political issues. They lost hope on their future after separating from Malaysia.

Leader and Media: the leaders and the media hoped that they would attain what they wanted to get. Although minority were happy about leaving Malaysia, majority were startled and did not know what to do after the separation.

(The Singapore Flag)


Significance of Singapore would bring it an identity in the world. The significance would make ur countries recognised by other countries. It will also let the locals feel free from reliance and feel proud. Our country would be strong and don’t need to leech on other countries.

Done By: Nandhu, Tian Jun, Shammas, Yixuan, Arthi


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