How far were people’s lives transformed after independence?

after the start of independence, the country’s fate took a better turn and the lives of many improved drastically. however, Singapore still faced countless of difficulties as a small nation and the road was not a smooth one. thus, in order to solve these problems, the government introduced employment opportunities and transformed the living conditions of the people for the better. these changes have helped the people and have developed Singapore into the prosperous and successful country it is today.

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living conditions

the government felt a need to provide affordable housing for the people as the living conditions for many were poor in the late 1950s. Many people were living in shop houses and squatter settlements all over the country. These squatter settlements expanded rapidly due to the sudden increase in population. However, the living conditions of these houses were extremely poor as they were either run-down or overcrowded. Thus, knowing this, the HDB implemented a housing program that sought to build new flats quickly and therefore, by the end of 1965, the HDB had built about 53,000 new flats. The HDB also addressed the overcrowding problem around the city area by relocating families to HDB flats in other parts of Singapore. As, these flats were equipped with modern toilet facilities as well as electrical water supplies, the amenities were very attractive and it caused many people to choose to move into these HDB flats. These HDB flats also have markets, community centers, shopping centers and halls for gathering nearby. Not only so , the HDB flats also had bus stops and factories in the vicinity. This allowed people living in HDB flats to only need to walk a short distance to get to these factories for work. Hence, the people’s lives were transformed as the living conditions of the people had improved.

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employment opportunities

Foreign investors and multinational corporations such as 3M,Ford Motors,Shell,Mitsubishi and Texas instruments set up factories in Singapore.Factories producing goods such as garments,metal products,textiles,toys,wood products and hair wigs were set up in Jurong industry Estate.This provided a solution to the lack of jobs in Singapore and many people were given the opportunity to earn steady incomes.Moreover, the factories provided technical training and work experience for the workers. The jobs allowed them to afford essential items and improve their quality of life. With the increasing number of factories, the contracts ,salaries,working hours, health and medical benefits improved for the workers as well. This attracted women to join the workforce,showing that they were happy with the benefits that were available.Hence,by the 1970s,the unemployment rate had fallen to 3.5 percent compared to about 10 percent in 1965.

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