How far were people’s lives transformed after independence?

Ever since Singapore gained independence, the people’s lives changed and transformed for the better. However, they faced some hurdles in the process such as the lack of employment oppurtunities and poor living conditions but still, they managed to overcome them. Now, Singapore has bloomed to become a prosperous little red dot.

Employment opportunities



After independence,  the British decided to withdraw its military forces by 1971. This led the government to be concerned  that Singapore would be vulnerable to security threats. Hence, the government introduced  National Service to the young men of Singapore and also with the help of army recruits. To ensure the steadiness of Singapore’s economic development. There was the development of tourism and financial industries. The development of finance industries would support Singapore’s newly developed industries through the provision of services such as loans and monetary exchange facilites. It would attract foreign banks to set up their offices in Singapore and so, provide oppurtunities for Singaporeans to br employed in the financial sector. Jobs were also needed for the development of manufacturing industries and Singapore’s infrastructure. Most people were satisfied with their lives as Singapore’s economic developement has a positive impact on the on the lives of Singaporeans. With Singapore’s economic growth,  more people had jobs and steady incomes. This enabled them to afford essential items and improve their quality of life.

Living conditions



In order to reduce Singapore’s dependancy on trade with other countries and increase employment, Singapore’s leader decided to focus on the development of manufacturing industries to produce goods at a lower cost for export worldwide. By attracting multinational corporations to Sinagpore and increasing developement of industrial estates, people’s live in Singapore was transformed for the better. The development of Singapore’s infrastructure improved banking and finance that facilitated the growth of multinational corporations and other conpanies. Telecommunications are also improved to support the needs of industries and household. There has also been improvement in the operating conditions of industries in Singapore and living conditons. Teachnical education was also introduced to meet the demands of the developing economy. More schools were built and more teachers were recruited to provide Singaporeans with better educational oppurtunities. There has been a inprovement in air, sea and land facilities. Also, during the period of time, there were problems that people faced living in shop houses, squatter settlements and kampongs. In the 1960s, te Housing and Development Boars (HDB) was set up to provide affordable public housing for Singapore’s growing population. The HDB built flats to solve housing problems and overcrowding around  the city area by it everywhere in the country. The flats had toilet facilities and electricity and water supply. People were convinced to move to the flats because of the facilities. They believed that by living in flats, their life will improve.

Done by: Roshan, Sabrina, Nurin, Janice, Yi Xuan (2/6E)


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