Sabrina’s group History Chapter Task


Increase local involvement:

After the second world war(Japanese occupation), Singapore was left to be ruled again by British colonial.This caused many spikes in Singapore and caused many people to want to have more political control for Singapore’s future.The reason behind this is because many people want to protect their own country after the world war which made them feel attached to Singapore more.British’s superiority was also ruled out, which made people go against British with no fear and started to demand political involvement.Following this, they wanted the right to vote for their leaders instead of British choosing their leaders.Locals wanted this because they wanted to control their countries future.

Rebuilding lives after Japanese Occupation:

The Japanese Occupation left Singapore’s condition in a mess and the British had to        re-organise  the people and help them get back to normal living standards like it was before the war.One of the things they would have to focus on is healthcare and housing.Alas, the aftermath of the world war was lack of resources in many countries,there were not man trades going around,and with many countries needing t rebuild their housing too,and the lack of natural resources in Singapore,British could not rebuild the housing.Healthcare was also very major issue British had to deal with. The same problem occurs, with many other countries needing the healthcare resource, the British could not get their hands on medicine easily, leaving British struggling in post-war Singapore.

Other than that,workers were also often underpaid or not paid at all as the bosses wanted more money to get their money back after the war.This caused many workers to complain and was unfair to them.The trade union was formed to help workers and protect workers rights. Planing strikes when they felt that they were treated unfairly.



After separation with British, Singapore was on its own.One of the first thing that was considered was merger with Malaysia.This merger would benefit Singapore in many ways which are:economy,relationship, no tax,resources(like water)and defence . This was backfired when Malaysia asked for heavy taxes(60 percent of Singapore’s earnings).This caused Singapore’s economy to fall instead of the plan of increasing it. Relationship also did not work out well.Singapore wanted to have all races to be all equal while Malaysia wanted Malaysia Malaysian where Malays are superior. Adding to that was the chinese and malaysians did not have good relationship and did not get along well.This caused racial riots and fights to happen leaving many dead or injured. Different common markets also were a big problem.






















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