What did independence mean for Singapore?

The significance of Singapore’s imdependence and the peoples reactions.

The separation between Malaya and Singapore was an important and crucial step towards Singapore’s independence. The people had different reactions when they first heard about Singapore’s independence. Some were worried for Singapore as they thought Simgapore would not make it as an independent country as it has no economic resources. While some of the locals were not overly concerned about the news, they still expressed a sense of loss over the separation. Many countries were also anxious and concerened about Singapore’s ability to survive on it’s own. One of these countries was Britain which had ruled Singapore for over many years. Political leaders also had mixed reactions towards Singapore’s independence. Some saw benefits, while other saw challenges.

The challenges that Singapore has faced.

Internal and External security

Firstly, Indonesia launched a policy of the Konfrontasi against the formation of the Federation of Malaysia. Because of this, lives were killed and left many injured. Singapore only had a small defence force of its own,amd did not have any aircraft to defend its skies. Following the independence, the British government announced its plans to withdraw its military forces from Singapore. Due to this, Singapore was then vulnerable to external threats. Therefore, Singapore has established the Ministry of the Interior and Defence to protect it from threats.

Diplomatic relations with other countries.

Singapore is a country that has newly gained independence. Singapore had to cultivate relations with as many countries as possible to safeguard its independence from external threats. To gain recognition as a state, Singapore also applied for membership to imternal organisations such as the United Nations amd Common Wealth.

Economic Survival.

Singapore has absolutely no natural resources or precious minerals. Thus, it was not able to be reliant on the export of natural resources to develop its economy and provide jobs for its people. Singapore also had tense relations with its neighbours and this threatens its economy. Other than that, Malaysia has also imposed more taxes on goods after the separation. There was also the slowing down of trade due to policies implemented in other countries. These causes severe unemployment in Singapore.

Citizenship and Sense of Belonging.

Lastly but not least, Singapore had to forge a sense of belonging towards Singapore in the locals so that they are devoted into contributing to the country. However, a bulk of the amount of people in Singapore are foreigners.

Done by: Nurin, Sabrina, Justin, Ivan, Jue Cheng. CLASS: 2/6

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