history chapter task 2016 (yanyun’s group)


one of the many aspirations that the people had during this period of time was to have internal self-government. many political parties who emerged such as the labour front and people’s action party were against colonial rule and they wanted Singapore to govern itself and wanted immediate self-government. An example would be when the Chinese school students sought to promote anti-colonial ideas as they felt that that they were being unfairly treated and it made then feel like the British colonial government had neglect their interests and needs. thus, this shows that the people wanted to have control over the governing of Singapore.

Not only that, the people also wished for better workers’ rights. Many felt that they were treated unfairly in their workplace by their bosses and they also felt that the British colonial government was biased towards the employers. instead of defending the employee’s rights, they sided completely with the employers. even when the workers were exploited or bullied, they did not do much to protect the workers. the workers were also paid less than what they deserved even though they were diligent in their work. thus, many trade unions were formed by the displeasure the workers had and these unions’ sole motive  was to create a better working environment for the workers. hence,  in this period of time, the people aspired to have the ideal working conditions they wanted.

after 1959 

many people wanted to merge with Malaya. the people action party felt that the merger would aid  Singapore in many ways. the British colonial government would only grant Singapore independence if it became part of the federation of Malaya as they believed that Singapore was too small to survive on its own.they also hoped that through merger, common market would be established and trade activities between Malaya and Singapore would increase, creating more job opportunities for the people. therefore, with these benefits in mind, many hoped that merger would take place

unfortunately, not everybody were all for the merger. many strongly opposed the merger and they did not want it to take place.they believed that the merger had too many disadvantages and it would drag down the growth of Singapore. many were worried that Singaporeans would not be able to enjoy the same rights as the people living in Malaya did and they were afraid that this would affect their ability to land jobs that they desire. they were also scared that they might face discrimination as they were not federal citizens. the Malayan prime minister also felt that the merger might upset the racial balance in Malaya as there might be too many Chinese in Singapore after the merger. many problems also surfaced such as disagreements about the common market, taxation and the political beliefs and privileges for Malays. thus, the people felt that this problems were obstacles that hindered Singapore from growing into a prosperous country and this caused them to to have aspirations about the breaking of the merger.

these were the aspirations the people had during these periods of time

done by: yanyun, viba, janice, siangying, jing en
class 2/6 (2016)







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