Aspirations That People Had For Singapore After 1945

Aspirations of people for Singapore from 1945 to 1959

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Most people in Singapore aspired to work with the British. They believed that they could influence the political future of Singapore by working with the British to increase local control over government. Also, working with the British to attain self-government would provide them with the opportunity to improve workers’ rights and working conditions. Some examples of political parties that worked towards this aspiration was the SPP (Singapore Progressive Party), LF ( Labour Front) and PAP (People’s Action Party) that took part in the 1955 election. Therefore, many people aspired to work with the British colonial government. However, there were also groups of people who did not believe in working with the British colonial government. They distrusted the British and believed that the constitutional changes would not genuinely contribute to shape Singapore’s political developments. Some of the Chinese middle school students and trade unions were part of these groups.This was mainly because they felt that they were unfairly treated by the British colonial government . Hence, some people aspired against colonial rule as they distrusted the British.

Aspirations of people for Singapore from 1959 to 1965

The Joint Federation Of Malaya and Singapore

The aspiration of some people in Singapore in this time period was to merge with the Federation Of Malaya. Political leaders such as former Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew from PAP expressed a desire for independence through merger with Malaya. By doing so, Singapore could be independent and could have a common market with Malaya, where taxes will not be charged. The results of proposal for merger reflected that majority of the people in Singapore was aspired to merge with Malaya. Thus, the aspiration of the people was to merge with Malaya.

The aspiration of others was to not merge with Malaya and oppose merger.They felt that the terms of merger would disadvantage Singapore instead of helping her. People were concerned that Singapore would not able to enjoy the same rights as those who stayed in Malaya, to find more jobs and better business opportunities. Also, the terms of merger with Malaysia did not include granting automatic Malaysian citizenship to Singapore citizens and it also did not allow Singapore to have complete control over internal security. Therefore, some other people aspired to oppose against merger

Done By: Hai Tao, Brian Shao Kai, Deekshitha, Lakshmi






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