Aspirations People had for Singapore after 1945.


People had the same primary aspiration but had different secondary aspirations. The primary was to self-govern themselves.But the secondary aspirations differed.People followed political groups which had different secondary aspirations.PAP wanted to merge with Malaya. SPP wanted to work with the British. LF wanted worker’s rights. Hence these are the aspirations people wanted for Singapore from 1945 to 1959.

The aspirations of the middle class and English speaking professionals were to have no tax in trade between Singapore and Malaya. The tax Malaya implemented was a huge burden towards the businessmen in Singapore as it didn’t benefit Singapore’s economy at all. On the other hand, the workers’ union aspired to protect workers’ rights and have better treatment and environment in their workplace. Most workers received low income and worked in harsh environments just to earn money causing them to be illiterate and uneducated. The Chinese Middle School Students, most of them who had their education delayed due to the Japanese Occupation, were against the idea of National Service as it will further delay their education. Many also believed that National Servicemen were to go and fight against the Communists due to the rise of Communism in Malaya and in Singapore. Thus, different groups of people had different kinds of aspirations.


PAP wanted to merge with Malaya. As both Malaya and Singapore were against the idea of Communism, they wanted to join forces to fight the communist threat. PAP also wanted to improve the living and working conditions of people and hence introduced some measures such as public works, general welfare, housing, education, and employment. The public works and general welfare included the building of street lamps and water standpipes to provide street light and piped water for the people. The HDB was formed in February to build more houses for the people. More schools were built and more teachers were hired to provide education for the children. Various factories manufacturing goods were set up to employ more people.

PAP wanted Singapore to be a multiracial country and to represent the invests of all communities regardless of their race. PAP also wanted equal rights for everyone in Singapore. They also wanted to collect their own revenue and send an agreed sum. Therefore, these are the aspirations of people.

Done by: Nandhu, Shammas, Tian Jun, Yi Xuan  and Arthi.

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