Singapore as an Impregnable Fortress



Before the Japanese occupation, the British had talked about Singapore being an impregnable fortress and even called it the Gibraltar of the East. The People had felt that Singapore would be safe under the British because they were known for their naval power, having 7 forts in total with big guns and concrete beach defences .The idea of “white man’s” superiority enforced the idea of safety, and people felt assured that they were safe in the British’s hands.


One of the guns set up in Singapore.


Even with the power that the British held, the Japanese had invaded Singapore successfully and taken her over in about a week, which had people thinking twice about their views towards Singapore as an Impregnable Fortress.This mistake cost the British and they had to surrender Singapore to the Japanese, being known as one of the largest surrenders made by British-led  military personnel in history.  



history 2

Signing of the surrender document  in the Ford Motor Factory.


After the terrifying ordeal of the Japanese occupation, the people in Singapore could no longer believe that she was an Impregnable fortress after the Japanese had taken over Singapore that easily.People also sought for independence of the country after the British had taken Singapore back from the Japanese, showing their discontent and proving the people no longer supported the British.


history 3

People being executed.



Done By: Nicole, Celestyn, Ruby, Wan Shi, Eng Chong



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