Singapore As Home

Before the Japanese Occupation:

(Chinese Immigrants in Singapore)

The immigrants did not regard Singapore as home. They came to Singapore just to find jobs and earn money to send the money back to their homeland. They intend to return to their homeland once earning enough money. The immigrants still feels attached to their homeland as they remained in close contact with their families by sending letters back home and hearing news about their homeland from friends and relatives. Locals attended English medium schools, adopted westerns ways of dressing, customs and pastimes. This shows that immigrants did not want to stay in Singapore and that they only came to Singapore to earn money.

During the Japanese Occupation:

(The Surrendering of the British to the Japanese)

People started to regard Singapore as home during the Japanese Occupation. The people suffered hardships together during the Japanese Occupation, for example, shortage of food and being forced to do tiring, life-threatening tasks. There were also people resisting the Japanese as they treated Singapore as their homes. An example would be the Malay Regiment which fought the Japanese until their last breath when the Japanese invaded Singapore through Malaya. This shows that the people in Singapore regarded Singapore as home.

After the Japanese Occupation:

(The locals welcoming the British back to Singapore)

Singapore was regarded as home after the Japanese Occupation as the people demanded for citizenship, better treatment of local civil servants and local political involvement from the BMA. This shows that they have accepted Singapore as their home. The people were not happy with the British as they left Singapore when the Japanese invaded Singapore after little efforts.This shows that the people in Singapore feel that they have the rights to choose their  own leaders.

By: Yi Xuan, Arthi, Tian Jun, Nandhu and Shammas.


Credits: Google for images.

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